what about Qonos?


Wasn't it a project of mr. Jean-Yves Avenard?

what has happened?


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Hi Nacho.

Please have a look at this site and see if that information may help you.

Best regards.



Hmmh, no news there :( Maybe I didn't find it?


Hi Walter.

Yes, you're right - no news there, apart from the Edge graphic environment (which I really don't know if was developed within the scope of the Qonos project or as a stand-alone activity...)

And I did not know the update level of the OP either, so I thought he could get some info there.

Best regards.



Thanks Giancarlo!

But during last year I looked many times hydrix web page and saw nothing new, that's why I posted it here.

for me it was a very interesting project!

I will mail them and take more info!!



Hi Nacho, hi all!

I guess they read the many too many wishes here for things lile a 35s(xyz...)? ;-)

When we ourselves are so enthusiastic for some old fashioned calculator, and we show that we don't really bother for (hypothetical) instruments of greater mathematical power like for example what Qonos could have been, then why should a company (Hydrix or anybody else) attemp to go on with such a project? Isn't that a self fulfilling prophecy when we ourselves state that there is likely no big customer group for such a device?

For my part, I really wish to be completely wrong here, but I think that we can consider Qonos to be already dead. (Please, somebody correct me and give me hope! ;-))



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