how to 2x speed hp48gX



I have 3 Hp48GX and 1 G+,

One of them has all hardware changes I made...the has 128kb more of memory in port 1 , an external keyboard , an external power supplier and IR extender.

I have a question, does anyone know how can I double speed of saturn processor?

I know there was a cynox module that was able to do that but also modified hour/time.

I also have seen in a 48S a change of the quartz/crystal 32khz.. to a 64khz but don't know if it works.

My question...does someone know how can I do that?

many thanks!!



I may have kinda software solution for your task.

SpeedUI, the software turbo for the HP-48GX/G+ .

With SpeedUI, the whole user interface of your HP-48GX/G+

will be as fast as if you accelerated the CPU clock,

but without the disadvantages of such a hardware mod;-)

With SpeedUI, even input forms and choose boxes are _much_ faster than before,

and you'll get one of the fastest and rich-featured cmdline/'fullscreen' editors!

SpeedUI is the _only_ software which accelerates the whole HP-48 user interface.

And even better, it's free:-)




thanks raymond I will try IT!!!



I sent the latest version to a while ago.

Since Eric's site wasn't updated since September 2007,

I can offer you to send the latest version by email.

Just drop me a note at: M a g i c 4 8 g e s @ g m x . d e

(Remove the obvious;-)


Anything similar available for the 48sx?


Unfortunately no.

Some of the older versions of SpeedUI, or more exactly some of its components, would also run on the SX.

Actually the SpeedBrowser and CharSet Browser are still SX-compatible.

If there's sufficient demand for an SX version of SpeedUI,

I may create an SX development fork.

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