Next ebay account of Emmanuel Compes



I just wanted to bid on three items which sounds to be interesting for my collection. When I wanted to gave my bid I found out that the seller refuses my bid. The seller lives in EVREUX, France....

I only know one HP collector from there and since I did not pay a second unit (becuase I did not get the first and paid unit) I'm blocked on his auctions...

Here is one of the auctions of Emmanuel (or his son):

Ebay link to Emmanuels auction

This is at least his third ebay essay: His first account "xeq41" has a lot of negatice feedbacks as many people did not get their items he sold. His second account "shturman76" is closed as well as he has four negative feedbacks of not received items. His new account startet nearly the same time as the second. So in those days he had at least two accounts on ebay what is illegal.


PS: Emmanuel, I'm still waiting for the following items:

first item
second item
third item
fourth item

Here is the proove that I paid you for these auctions on 01.05.2006:

Paypal proove


he had at least two accounts on ebay what is illegal.

I am not sure if it is illegal or against policy, but fontainebleu123 holds my record for the most accounts. He buys regular auctions with a second private account, and from other sellers with a third, non-private account.

I see no reason to try and hide like that.


Have you filed a complaint with PayPal? That is what you should do. If they can't prove they sent it to you, you are covered.

However, I wonder why you buy from people you can't trust. Seems like a strange policy, regardless of what you buying.

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