New Challenge - with Prize! -


Would you like to know more about the HP-12C? Things such as programming
scientific functions, reviewing emulators, watching its new Agilent chip,
learning all about codenames and varieties, etc. Or maybe you would enjoy
reading a thorough article on Compaq's merger, or what happened at the

Well, all you've got to do is get the September/October issue of Datafile.

And guess who got a spare copy?

I just want to make sure that it will go to the right home, hence this:


Five questions. The prize will go to the first person that correctly answers
the most number of questions. Please, email your answers to:

Ten days to submit entries, until Sunday 9 December (according to Spanish
time). Then I'll announce the winner and send the magazine to him or her.

[Note to current HPCC members: Of course you can participate, although you've
already got the prize! ;-]

Ok, here are the questions:

1. Who suggested to Henry Horn (HP Key Notes Editor) a competition to name the HP-41C programming language?

2. Who wrote the HP-67 owner's handbook?

3. Who founded the HPCC (formerly PPC-UK)?

4. Which famous filmmaker wrote a letter of praise to HP after purchasing an HP-35?

5. Whose was the idea of hiding an Easter egg in the HP48G command RULES?

Pretty easy, eh? I hope my poor English won't have caused too much trouble.

Good luck!



Jordi Hidalgo

HPCC member #1046

PS: Remember to send your entry to

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