Few Topics. It seems we're all on vacation, isnt' it?


Happy Christmas/New Year holidays!

-- Antonio


Buon Natale, Antonio, e un Prospero Novo Anno!

BTW, there is still a present under the tree waiting for you d:-)



-- Antonio


Mille grazie :-)

(For our US-American readers: Thanks a lot! with "a lot" being a number >>1 d8-)


Ciao Antonio!

Buon anno a te...

and a Happy New Year to all the people on the Forum!

See you in 2008.



Happy new year from a newbie to all that has made the return to RPN extra enjoyable; reading this forum I learned:

* Where to buy a 35s.

* How to program it while waiting for it to arrive.

* Where to fix an old 41cv.

May all your hps work another year ;-)

Edited: 31 Dec 2007, 4:25 p.m.

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