HP 10S - a piece of junk or what?


I realized that HP is about to change design for HP17bII+ and HP10bII I rushed out to get the "old" designs before having to pay a premium on eB.. for used ones. After all they're for collecting not for daily use - in that case I've probably bought the new ones. First impressions are great and having read earlier threads about the 10bII I was a bit skeptic but apparently the problems have been solved. Both display's are probably amongst the clearest displays except for LED's I've seen. The 17bII+ is way better than my old near-near mint 17bII from '91. Kudos for that!

For the fun of it I've also bought an HP 10S. What the heck, not a big price and unfortunately there's no user manual in a language I can understand (I was aware of that when buying).
However, the display of the 10S must be the _absolutely_ worse I've ever seen. The contrast is very low. I've tried changing the battery though the one that's in it seems fine. Didn't help.
I've searched for a manual online but can't find one. All I can find is various pages stating that the contrast is adjustable (I have my doubts)

Can anyone tell me: Is the display contrast adjustable and if, then how?


I don't have a 10S, but the typical way to adjust contrast is to simultaneously hold down the "ON" key and the "+" or "-" keys. Have you tried that?


Yes. I've tried everything I can think of including that. No luck so far.


I realized that HP is about to change design for HP17bII+ and HP10bII ...

Where did you see a new HP 10bII? I've only seen pics of a new, silver Version of the 17bII+.


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Where did you see a new HP 10bII? I've only seen pics of a new, silver Version of the 17bII+.

Amazon for example.

Amazon.co.uk - Hp-10bII

Or just try searching google.

The store where I bought the old ones wondered about three different calculators so I told they were for collecting since I realized I should hurry and get the old versions before having to buy them from more expensive sources or used ones. Then they told me they actually had the new 10bII in stock but "of course" they want to sell the old ones first if one doesn't ask for a specific version. I'll probably wait a month or so or until the new 17bII+ is available at my place before buying the new versions - no need to rush on those ;)


hmmm... the UK seems to be the country where new HP calculators are making their debut.

here's another source: http://www.minervaelectronics.co.uk/info_cart.php?catid=1&subcatid=7&itemid=2


The 10S seems like a Casio rehash (115? I'm not sure about the model number). Speaking of updates, what about the 14B? I won one during the last Calculator conference and I really like the machines and the way the menus are organized. Maybe it is time for a 14B+?

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