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As the electromagnetic integrity of my 48g has just transited the River Styx I must replace it, perhaps with a 35s. But the photos I've seen seem to show a sparse display: Could anyone tell me about it? Does its decimal point consist of one pixel or a square of four? How visible is its display's comma? I can find no actual 35s here in town available for a close inspection, but there are some 17bII models. How does the display of the 35s compare to that of the 17bII (whose characters I do like)


Woody, the LCD of the 35s is the same as the revised LCD of the 33s. The decimal point is one round pixel, for the decimal comma a second pixel of special shape is added. It is very readable for me, though unary minus is displayed a bit strange (elevated), and the theta used in polar notation of complex numbers is very close to the digit 8. Please note it's not a dot matrix LCD like in 17bii but a custom display with 2x14 characters (of 7x5 pixels) plus some special indicators above of these 2 lines. I do not own a 17bii but a 42s featuring the same display type - contrast on the 35s is far better than on the 42s IMHO. The 35s's glass cover is very reflective, however.

HTH, Walter

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Thanks, Walter. I'll go ahead and order one. Your mention of the 42s brought back some great memories, though its display did require constant contrast-tweaking; I'd still have it and be using it today were it not for the scumbag (an unknown scumbag who probably couldn't manage even a TI) who stole it. My first HP, a 15C, is still with me but as a treasured antique, my 48g just poofed-out this week, and my one other, a 49g, I finally shipped back directly to Carly (the two seem to make sort of a match, don't they?) with the suggestion that she befoul her wastebasket with it as I did not wish to sully mine with such a piece of junk. Let's hope that the folks over there have reset their goals to the path of excellence which they once owned.

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