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Hello Everyone....first I want to thank you in the beginning for your help. I have a HP 35 calcualtor that I'm curisous to the value of. It is in very good condition, with the original case and box.



Click here to view this museum's list of suggested values for the various vintage HP calculators.



I've just paid 80 EUR for a complete set in good condition. Have a look for a picture in my "one step forward" thread. I think that's about the upper limit for a used 35.



A few more details would help. What is the serial number? (The first 4 numbers, letter and one or two more numbers will do if you don't want to give the complete number in public, e.g. 1143A01xxx.) What version is it? If version 1 or 2, does it still have the bugs?

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I have an HP-35, serial Number 1349A xxxxx, in the black leatherette-covered steel case with charger, Owner's Handbook and soft case. How much interest is there in one of this vintage, and what is guesstimated value?

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