The silver HP17 B II + (or is it "HP 17 B II ++" ?)


I have one, but it seems to be rather rare... ¿are there many yet?

For a current product, it is very Pioneer-like. What processor it uses?


Buenas tardes Andres,

congratulations! How did you get it? I cannot even find it displayed on, but maybe I'm choosing the wrong country :-?


It was at the prize table at HHC 2007...


I think SAM in his presentation at the HHC2007 said the silver 17bii "...would be for sale in January [2008]..." I'm looking forward to that day. I will likely buy three as soon as practical, as I did when the 35S was released.


OK, I missed that comment, but Wlodek's book suggest it's being shipped (silently) in some countries (certainly not mine - Argentina).


I also want to get a silver HP17BII. I did win one of the 14B calculators at the conference, and despite it being not RPN, it is one of my favorite financial calculators from HP. I like the prompts.


If I recall correctly, there were two HP14B, one looked fine, the other was rather used. I eyed them; but they were picked before my number was called, so I choose a 12Cp. But my friend and colleague Ricardo, who was called before, had picked the silver 17BII++, and decided to give it to me (!). So I ended with a 35S, a 12Cp and a 17BII++ as the captures of the day! For the few moments I hold it on my hand, the 14B seemed to be a very nice model, like most Pioneers, with a not-seen-before kind of display.


I ended up with the 14B with the "burnt out" display. It still functions nicely, but I need to bring the thing close to me to read the display.

How is the Silver HP 17BII+? I plan on buying one once it comes out.


Eddie, it is a really nice unit. Very clean lines and uncluttered keyboard. It has the same solver as the existing 17bii+, however, and there are some quirks there. But overall it is a great calc.


Is this what this thread is refering to?Link


Yes Sir. Thanks, Chuck. Are there any high res pictures available yet? Can't find any with Google. How about taking a photo of yours, Andres?

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ok, got a nice picture here

#31 does not appear in the UK HP seem to be selling it at rather high price almost 100 pound STG.

the calculator frame appears to be the same as the HP 35s.

hope to get one in
Malaysia soon.


the calculator frame appears to be the same as the HP 35s.

It's definitively different, probably smaller. 35s's battery door deviates and - more important - it features one row of keys more 8-)


The frame style and keyboard are similar to the 35S, of course without the "cursor" keys and the extra row. The display is very Pioneer like (I like it much more than the 33S-35S variety).
If you put it side by side with a Pioneer, size is almost the same, although the new one is thicker (its thikness is more like the 35S). The form factor is, for me, the best in years. The fact that it is so similar to the old Pioneers fuels the almost extinguished hope for a 43S.

Weight (in my kitchen digital scale):

32SII: 120 grams

42S: 140 grams (not all Pioneers are created equal...beeper and IR circuitry add a little, the display is different...)

17BII++: 140 grams

35S: 144 grams


Buenas dias Andres,

please get a caliper (or slide gauge) and measure the dimensions and post them here. Muchas gracias!

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OK, I'll do as soon as I have a little spare time...


Take these as approximate measurements, as I have no caliper at hand.

| | L | W | T | p | D L | D W |
| 32 S II | 14.7| 7.9 | 1.4 | 1.16| 1.8 | 6.3 |
| | | | | | | |
| 17 B II ++ | 14.4| 7.6 | 1.7 | 1.28| 1.8 | 6.3 |
| | | | | | | |
| 35 S | 15.7| 7.9 | 1.7 | 1.28| 2.0 | 6.0 |

L: Lenght
W: Width
T: Thickness

p: Key spacing (between rows)

DL: Display Lenght
DW: Display Width

All measurements in centimeters

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