48gII: updated?


A couple of days ago, while browsing around HP's US calculator site, I downloaded the data sheet for the 48gII (available here), which appears to describe an updated version of the calculator, namely:

  • 256 KB of RAM (instead of 128), and 2 MB of flash -- boastfully conflated into "2.25 MB total", with a footnote describing breakdown by type;

  • In the same footnote, flash is described as inaccessible to the user, and "for system upgrades only". Again, different from what I knew about the 48gII;

  • It has USB connectivity, in addition to IR and serial;

  • It uses four AAA batteries instead of three.

In other words, it looks like a 50g sans the SD card slot, with a smaller screen, half the RAM, and a different color scheme. Quite a capable calculator, in fact -- still 50g's poor relative, but much better than before.

Specifications on the calc's web page are still the old ones, though.



Is it really permitted on the ACT? They banned my 50g because it had a CAS.

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