"Power Lost" msg on HP-28S


Hi all,

I've changed the 3 N batteries of my HP-28S, because the battery annunciator was ON for a while, and last day it refused to
turn ON more than a fraction of second, just showing "Power Lost".
(I know, I should have done it sooner...)
Finally, after having put some fresh batteries and turn the calculator ON again, it showed again "Power Lost" for about one or two seconds, and then this message disappeared from the screen, and the contrast setting turned back to the default setting, which is darker that what I usually use.
Then I thought it would have done also an all reset in the memory, but it wasn't the case. All the USER menu was still there, variables and programs. All is OK.

So, how do you explain this surprising "Power Lost" message after the replacement of the batteries? I searched in the two booklets, especially in the chapter telling about messages, but this message isn't detailed, as if it doesn't exist!
Does the calculator show it while recharging something like condensator? Any idea?

All in all, let me whish you all a happy Christmas feast.

Kind regards.



"Power Lost" only means that the calculator detected an interruption in power, but not that the interruption was long enough for the contents of memory to be lost. For that, you get a "Memory Lost" message.

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