HP-71 RPN Calculator


Hi Forum,

I have searched the web and forum and found some hints on various existing rpn calculator implementations for the HP-71.

Also, I have an overlay for the HP-71 called "RPN CALCULATOR" with a copyright icon next to the letters "CLC" presuming that was the company which made the overlay and possibly the software.

None of the above searches connected possible candidates of software with the overlay I own. So my question to the forum is clear, does anyone know which software belonged to the overlay and where it might be found?

Just for clarification, I am not referring to the HP-71 HP-41 trannslator package and overlay.

Best wishes for X-Mas,

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I would suppose it is the 71b RPN calculator by Chris Capener.
(Page Scan from EDUCalc #35 page 39)

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that was a fast respond! Very impressive. Would you also happen to know where the lex file might be found nowadays?




Unfortunately no, Sorry. :-(


Thanks Allen for your response.

The "Copyright CLC" on the overlay could be a hint to Chris something Capener.

A quick google search brought up a Chris Capener working as a hardware developer for Palm, formerly working for Apple. Might that be the right guy and do you know how to get hold of him without offending his privacy?

I will take a picture of the overlay for your (and the forums) info, maybe it helps to refreshen someone else's memory. Some of the funkctions/commands in your picture match the overlay, but it does not really give enough info if that is the correct match.

Thanks again for your post,

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