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just got my 35s (78,- EUR incl. shipping from dynatech.de), seems to be a nice piece of hardware. But anyway....

I often do interpolation. On my 49g+ it was an easy programm with 5 values in the stack. The RPN programm was:

<< -> A B C D E '(D-B)/(C-A)*(E-A)+B' >>

If have no good idea how to do it on my 35s. Do have to use 5 (!) Labels for the variables and anotherone for the programme, or is there another (better) way?

How would you do it?

Regards from Hamburg !!



If you have to keep the content of the named variables, you should make yourself familiar with *indirect addressing* (Page 14-20 in the english manual). There's plenty of space in the 35s accessible this way.




in an EQN. Run the EQN by pressing XEQ when you have chosen it and you'll be prompted for the 5 values A to E (each only once, not twice in the case of A or B). No need for a program at all.

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LOL, I had a similar program on my 48G. I only had about 3 programs and this was one of them.

On my 35s, I use linear regression to do this and it is very fast--probably faster than finding and running my program on my 48G.

Clear the stat data, enter the two known x,y pairs, enter the known x and hit L.R. You should see your unknown y value.

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