HP 01 value, I thought I would resurrect this as a fresh post....


Hope this is okay.

I have tracked over 40 HP 01 ebay sales the last year and seen from 400 (lowest price non working) to $4000 highest price working in box and pristine with paper. I have the Word file that I pasted together from all the Ebay listings as I was tracking them if anyone is interested.

The highest prices which are hard to distinguish from one another; $1500 - $4000 are garnered by:
1. pristine working examples
2. complete perfect crystals with the Hewlett Packard name clearly stamped
3. boxed with papers/pen/guarantee and battery holder replacing tool.
4. of course the bracelet stylus is included.

The lowest prices; $400 to $700 are achieved by:
1. non working
2. cases in very poor shape
3. HP name missing and crystal damaged.

My examples in the pictures to follow include the one in the box which was 800USd last year and has a standard two serial numbers which indicate it was for the retail market. It is in the same condition as the one that just sold, absolutely new old stock.

The other 3 of which two are pictured were 300UDd and 400USd in non working condition with no paper work or boxes.

The 400USd one was a prototype as indicated by the lack of serial numbers on the case back. The information I recieved about this watch was a personal talk to a retired watch design team employee at the Corvalis centre. It was his watch that I purchased and then restored. The owner is now in his 80's (time flies!). He stated that the watches without serial numbers were prototypes not for retail but ended up being used for showing and demonstration purposes.

I have restored two others for other collectors. One of those was sold after restoration for 1400USd.

NO SERIAL NUMBER PROTOTYPE from Corvalis design team owner $400:





I would venture to say that $5000 was steep for me but to a "I need that watch at all costs collector" well who knows? The lack of serial numbers on the case indicates that it to is a prototype making it one of the earliest examples I would know of. This would also increase the price.

700 to 1500 seems to be the going price for a working watch, the low end for a working watch with no paper or box in poor physical condition and 1500 for a working watch in extremely pristine condition with paper work and box. Of course I have seen them stray up to 2000 USd as the bidding goes wild.

Hope this helps!!

Cheers and Merry Christmas

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Hello Geoff, thank you for your detailed response on this. Many thanks as well to everyone who replied to my original posting. It seems most likely that the buyer was someone who has enough money to be willing to pay more than an average price for an item in this condition. Maybe I should not have been surprised - plenty of people buy from some eBay calculator sellers who offer Buy It Now prices much higher than normal - and the buyers give very positive feedback.


It's perhaps worth noting that it takes two buyers that don't care how high the price goes for this to happen. The final sale price is just one bid increment over the second-highest bidder's maximum proxy bid, so there's no way to know how much the winner was willing to pay.


Dec 21, 2007

... Hello Geoff,

Did you check an earlier reply to your recent post ?

Just in case you missed it ...

Feel 100 % free to reply yes or no :-))

Meanwhile I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

Best "inflight & airborne" Regards




Many thanks for the offer, Is this for the HP41 as that is also a passion of mine. The HP 41c, and my 2 41cx's saw me through my post grad days and into the DC-10-30 cockpit as well as the 737 and 767.

The company issues are flight plans etc, but I had dedicated my HP41cx to the specifics of the flight operations at my company. This included a 50 waypoint flight plan using aircraft specific climb descend and fuel carry penalties.

Other programs included "cold temperature corrections for approach" as well as specific gravity fuel loading checks and etc.

I would be interested in seeing the documentation your wrote as well as the program. If it is for the HP 41 it will allow me to pull that out of it's storage and fire it up again!

Cheers, Geoff


Yes, Goeff, all these programs are for the HP41.

If you happen to have HP41X/Y/Z ( running on HP48GX ) from HrastProgrammer, then I can send you these programs as 'Virtual Programs cards' which you can immediately load into HP48GX through the " Virtual " Card Reader installed in Hrast's software. Or, even shorter, I can load them as a " Virtual" 8K Module which you can then easily load into HP41X/Y/Z. Software total size is @ 3 Kbytes.

Otherwise, still thanks to Hrast's Helios Printer Emulator, I can make a copy of these listings and send them to you under the Word format. They will take a much longer time to load, and careful check is required to make sure that no error has been entered.

Since both of us are registered users on this forum, do you have access to my e-mail ? We will need to exchange such data through e-mail.

Since you apparently can save your HP41 Data on a Computer Disk, it would also be worth verifying that you can then convert my 8K "Virtual" Module into two 4K "Half Modules" ( binary format ???? ) and load them into your HP41 through your Computer Mass Storage. I used the bin format once when electronically loading some of my HP41 software into Emu41 made by Jean-François Garnier.

Thank you and Best Regards


PS : In specific relation to your earlier response, part of this software will enable you to forecast Fuel Penalties when carrying Extra Fuel ( Fuel Tankering ), or when carrying an extra Payload. Results are generally quite accurate, and therefore reliable, especially for long haul flights, which ( anyway ) are the kind of flights you are doing to-day ( true ? ).

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The most I ever saw one go for that I can verify because I physically saw the sale was about $9,000 EUR. It was gold and new old stock.


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