HP-35s : problem with vector input


Hi all,

get a "SYNTAX ERROR" when key in [x,y,z] (where x, y, and z are numerical values).

Stangely, this does operate well in a prgm:







No mistake on the comma type, FS 10 = NO.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.


Clear all indexed variables, this was reported to help in one case. Others reported that only a reset fixed this problem. IIRC, that is.


Well... from all the posts in the past, during the peak of hp-35s feedback by people who had been using it for a while, I belive it got rather clear that *some* instances of the machine has this problem (the vector syntax bug).

You and me are among the unlucky ones...

One way to get rid of it been reported as to be to reset the machine... and loose all there is in memory...

I have never needed doing that; always manage to shake it back by doing 'magic' stuff (doing vector stuff in non rpn mode, switch back, editing programs doing vector stuff, run them...). Sometimes I belived I did see a pattern, but can't say ever made sure...

Reason I did take the trouble not to loose memory was I did
programming project which depends on utilizing the vector type, if I had to loose memory every time got the vector bug, forget it...

If what is in *your* machines memory is not that important, reset may be the option, but my experience is that 'magic' can shake it, I just do not know the exact 'spell' :-(

EDIT: Yea, Thomas Radtke is right, that is one of the 'magic' things that may help, good thing to try first! But most of *my* cases I had to do other stuff...

Edited: 13 Dec 2007, 5:05 p.m.


Tanks Thomas and Arne for your quick help.

To my surprise, after having tried different things, edit MODE and DISPLAY, edit PRGM, and so on, if finally operated well...

If I remember well, I also may have done a VAR CLEAR at least once!

In any case, I'll have a look to your proposals, in order to be able the next time to fix the problem before it blocks me like it did at work yesterday.

Kind regards.

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