Christmas is arriving. If somebody wants to give me a gift :-)


Gift for Gileno - Ebay Link


Sure ... as long as you pay for insurance and for teh actual amount. I am sure Italian customs will send you a nice bill!!!




I am sure Italian customs will send you a nice bill!!!

Hi Namir! Why the Italian customs?!?
Wasn't Gileno from Brazil?



Namir is Crazy :-)


I guess the same goes for Brazilian customs? Yes? No?

Or, let me ask the question in reverse!

Which counties have very very relaxed customs?



Edited: 12 Dec 2007, 2:15 p.m.


Is the item not going from Germany to Italy. No customs, as both are in EU (at least one good reason for being part of it) ;-)
Merry x-Mas to all HP calculator lovers (and haters).

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