Not wanting to sound like a wise guy ...


Fellow HP'ers

I've been reading the other posts. The best we could expect is that HP could produce some self-adhesive logos for posterity. Personally, the bubble burst (as it has for countless other fabrications of mankind) and HP will no longer manufacture icons. I'm not bothered, it happens.

So, someday my descendents will make it to Antique's Roadshow to hear about these curiosities from a bygone era.


PS: With any luck, they'll work!

PPS: Sometimes this seems like those lamenting the demise of the carburetor.


... but we do not feel as doomed (yet).

Sometimes this seems like those lamenting the demise of the carburetor.

Well, the (big?) question is: will pocket calculators (any)survive PDA's, Palm's and the like? If NO is the answer, so we are history, too. I'm not sure you are in USA or not, but here in Brazil, the VW Sedan 1300 was brought back after being discontinued. All produced units were sold. But, as Dave mentioned, getting back off-line products means keeping not profitable production lines (as new ones are more profitable). And in USA, you still have hand-made, a lot expensive motorcycles, don't you? Business, as mentioned here. Business.

Yes, passion O.K.! And carburetors will sound much better than direct-injection, emission-controlled, less-polluting engines.

Your post IS wise, alright. But we still dare dreaming...




Well, I don't like the notion/corporate motion that the calculators I've used for many years are seemly doomed, but it looks that way. Many of this sites readers & respondents are aficionados and have dreams. So, while reading the comments of the others about their desire for HP to revitalize the calculator business by new products, I'm reminded of something I tell the children ... you can listen to something to complain, or you can listen to learn. The latter, if applied to recent developments, ain't pretty.


PS: USA. And I think Micheal owes Ruben a win in Sao Paulo, any comments Luiz.


Hi, Joe;

you know, I've been reading and learning and reading and trying to figure out some solution and... I keep reading and learning and... §:-(

I wrote some e-mails to some wise guys in here (all guys in here are wise, I just picked ones...) and I expressed my thoughts in a private channel. Not as much different as the ones I expose in here, only with a bunch of personal touch. I accept the fact that some stuff have their moments, and when the moment is gone, it's gone. You see, there was a time when industry used to wait for twelve, eighteen, twenty four months to test a prototype after the blueprints were approved. Today, if a scratch of an idea does not get to final sales product in less then one year (maybe more, maybe less), forget it. This is time enough for concurrent new projects, new technology, less cost, more profits. We know that. And we must consider this as a fact. As carburetors no longer are offered in brand new cars... §;-)

We are not doomed. But a new guideline must be shown! People have changed, market has changed, needs are not the same as in 25, 30 years ago. We don't have -and don't need- to change, just to adapt to a new reality. And despite that all, a good, valuable tool for a job is and will be a good, valuable tool for a job. It seems to me that the job itself is the one that changed...


(you think I forgot? And I think Micheal owes Ruben a win in Sao Paulo; time will tell, my friend, time will tell... §;-)

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