Any other suggestions for a dead 48GX?


Did an ON/C, did an ON/A/F, did a reset under the foot, shorted the battery contacts together. Has good batteries, but won't do a thing. Any other suggestions, or is it just a parts machine?


Are you able to measure any current when connecting +4.5V to the battery terminals??

Watch for higher current when pressing buttons and during startup. If the current is always 0.000mA it is likely dead or at least never starting. Fluctuating current otherwise would tell you the LCD is dead. (Speaking of LCD.. make sure to Press [+] several times while holding down [ON] to make sure the contrast is not set to 0- sometimes they can appear dead)

I am assuming these are not the case since you didn't say it was beeping when keys were pressed, but it should tell you something.
You may also try pressing down above the [B] key while turning on.


or just change shortly batteries voltage.


Are you saying to reverse the batteries for a moment?


Thank you for the suggestion. I don't have the equipment for that. However, I checked the voltage at the contacts, and found that there is no voltage fluctuation when the ON or other buttons are pressed.

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