HP-50G: Graphs from list of data points


I need a little assessment of how hard it is to program the 50G to graph a set of data points. I know it's fairly straight forward to plot an equation and have done that. But what I need to do is to create a set of graphs from a list of data points (vs an equation).

This is what I would typically like to do. I have a list of data points like this:

And would like to generate a graph, something like this.

It doesn't have to have quite this much detail but I would like it to have the points plotted, some sort of axis notations, the range of values and some text applied to the graph (notes, etc).

Is this something that can be easily done? What is the best method to do this?


Read about "SCATTER" in the manual - the way to plot data points. At the end of the statistics chapter you will find a way to fit a polynomial curve to your data and how to plot it.




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