HP 35s Polar to Rectangler in Program mode


I recently read an the message by Howard Boardman on Rectangular to polar. I tried the program. Just what I am lookin for.
Does any one have s simple program mode routine to convert from Polar to Rectangler.

I have been working on converting my 41cx Survey program to work on the 35s. Just need a little help.


Here are the two routines we came up with months ago to do the conversions. Stack remains (otherwise) untouched and settings independent.

- Pauli

P001  LBL P
P002 FS? 10
P003 GTO P011
P004* Rv
P005 Rv
P007 ARG
P008 LASTx
P009 ABS
P010 RTN
P011* CF 10
P012 XEQ P004
P013 SF 10
P014 RTN

R001 LBL R
R002 FS? 10
R003 GTO R012
R004* Rv
R005 Rv
R007 [1,0]
R008 x<>y
R009 *
R010 EQN LASTx*[0,1]
R011 RTN
R012* CF 10
R013 XEQ R004
R014 SF 10
R015 RTN


Sometime ago Reth posted a couple of somewhat shorter programs:

P001 LBL P
P002 x<>y
P003 STO R
P004 Rv
P005 i
P006 RCL x R
P007 +
P008 ARG
P009 LST x
P010 ABS
P011 RTN

R001 LBL R
R002 STO R
R003 Rv
R004 SIN
R005 LST x
R006 COS
R007 RCL x R
R008 x<>y
R009 RCL x R
R010 x<>y
R011 RTN



I have a few employees want to sit for the NCEES Surveyor in training and others going for the CST testing. The 35s was just approved in October 07. The 35s is a better choice over the 33s



I've been using the following subroutines in my programs and they seem to work perfect:

For R -> P










For P -> R












I didn't come up with these but they work perfectly. I still as of yet do not understand the complex number stuff with the 35s. I'm mainly doing surveying programs and if it ain't broke don't fix it!



Close but no cigar. Your R>P program (I did not check out P>R) does not give the same results of Reth's program. His routine gives the same results as the HP-32ii which has the conversions available on on the keyboard.



Trent I get the same result as the 33s. All my programs with the subroutine work the same in the 35s as the 33s. Please provide an example to show me.


Will do in the next few days.




Re Rectangler to Polar (or the old ->P)

I finally found the problem. Your program works just fine. The trouble I was having with your algorithm in my programs is in the stack. The HP calcs that have the simple conversion key and Reth's routine for the 35S don't lose the data in both the Z and T registers after data entry in the X and Y. I did't look into the ->R program.


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