50G: Max size of SD


I can't seem to find the specification for the maximum size for the SD card. I'd like to get the largest that it supports. I suspect it will take the maximum available but would like to be sure.

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For 50g, max SD size is 2GB.


My 49g+ with a 2 GB SD card sees only 934,592KB according to the File Manager even though it's running software version 2.09. Is there a different SD size limit for the 49g+ verses the 50g as far as the maximum size of an SD card or is there a bug in the firmware?



Mine only sees 1G also, on a 2G card. I wonder if 1G is the actual limit of the calculator.



In response to Peter A. Gebhardt's request, I checked the 2GB SD card (made by SanDisk) in my Win XP machine (using a SanDisk SD to USB converter) and it shows under properties that it has a capacity of 2,030,927,872 Bytes and is formated as FAT. I copied a subdirectory from the C: drive to my 49g+ and in the File Manager, it showed the subdirectory. I couldn't open the subdirectory in the File Manager but the capacity was reduced from 934,592KB to 915,935KB which was the size of the subdirectory.

I put the SanDisk SD card back into my XP machine, went to Computer Management, Disk Management and checked it there and it showed the SD card to be formatted FAT and to be healthy. The card showed up as G: drive so I had Disk Management reformat the card as FAT. Windows did a full format, not a quick format and I put it back in the 49g+. File Manager still reports 934,592KB of space. As before, I'm running software version version 2.09 on the 49g+.

It seems as though there is a firmware bug that doesn't let the full 2 GB of a 2GB SD card to be counted by the calculator. The question is, can the calculator fully access 2 Gigabytes of storage? Given the amount of memory in a 49g+ or a 50g, it's going to be difficult to completely fill the memory card from the calculator.

I just had a thought. If I fill the SD card with 1.5 Gigabytes of data from the PC, will the 49g+ see 0.5 Gigabytes of space available?

I'll give it a try and get back to you.



Okay, I loaded a couple of HP Museum's CD ROM images onto the SD card and checked it on the 49g+. Here's the data on the SD card:

On XP: used space - 1,335,754,752 Bytes
free space - 695,173,120 Bytes

On 49g+ free space - 678,720 KB
File Manager

After adding a third subdirectory of data to the SD card:

On XP: used space - 1,375,830,016 Bytes
free space - 655,097,856 Bytes

On 49g+ free space - 639,584 KB
File Manager

In both cases of the File Manager, I could see the subdirectories listed. This shows that the 49g+ can see all 2 Gigabytes of the SD card, it's just not coming up with the correct numbers in the File Manager display. That's a minor display bug but hardware/firmware is accessing all 2GB.

Final note, I do have a 50g with firmware 2.09 and it shows the same results. Hopefully a new version of firmware for both the 49g+ and the 50 g will correct this bug.



You should also be aware that the bigger the SD card, the longer the calc takes to turn on so you should take the largest one you need rather than the largest one the calc can handle.



How's this for a fool's errand:

I've been searching off and on for a 16 or 8 MB SD card (you know, the ancient ones that first appeared on the market, especially as free throw-ins with digital cameras, etc.) for my 49G+.

I'm using a 64 MB card and I think it's still way too big.


Well, it's my understanding that you can get everything on hpcalc.org on a CD. And not everything is software! So unless you're a surveyor (and even then...) I don't see why 2GB is needed.



It takes about .4 seconds to turn on without an SD card and about .400000001 with a 2G card.

Translation: I can't tell any difference in startup, with or without an SD card.



could you pls. comment on make of your 2GB SD card you are using & on FAT version & number of files/directories already stored on it?

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt

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