50G: Fix 2


I prefer to use FIX 2 for most use. Ordinarily, when I have an inteter, it will display XX.XX format. But now (this is the 2nd time) it's switched to some mode that only displays the integer part, if the decimal part is 0. Kind of like STD mode.

It was working and I was dinking around and evaluated {45 25 *}, just as some testing and it switched. I'm not able to get it back by setting FIX 2.

This has happened 2 times already. I checked and the mode is still FIX 2.

Any idea how to get it back to true FIX 2?

Edited: 30 Nov 2007, 10:16 p.m.


It sounds like you have it in "EXACT" mode. You can turn that off in the FLAGS menu.


You can also switch from EXACT to APPROXIMATE and back again by pressing RIGHT SHIFT (hold) and ENTER. This might be the way you originally while unintentionally switched it on.


Duh! Yep that was it. Don't know how I got into exact.

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