Adv+CCD+Games in 41CY or Rambox



I was wondering if someone could maybe help me out. I'd like to copy the Advantage Module, the CCD Module and the Games module into my CY at work (64k Rambox).

I think from the XROM numbers we are fine, AFAIK:

CCD - 9,11
Adv - 22,24
Games - 10

From a space perspective, we should be fine as well. With the modules plugged in as follows, all seems to be fine:

page 8 - Rambox OS
page 9 - empty
page 10&11 - CCD
page 12 - Games
page 14&15 - Advantage.

However, when using just the Rambox/CY, I do not seem to be able to

1) copy the CCD (no access. copy protection)
2) copy the advantage (crash)

The first problem I understand (copy protection on CCD) but don't know how to circumvent, other than going via IL+ISA-IL to PC card or maybe (I think I found a way once) via the MLDL + USB to download onto the HP41 the rom-files. If someone knows a better way, I'd love to hear about it

The second problem I don't even understand. This is what I tried:I plug in the advantage into say page 10+11 and then use the Rambox-OS to do a pagecopy to 14&15 and then turn off the HP41, unplug the physical advantage module, turn the HP41 back on. It is then in a somewhat crashed state. It either does not turn on (unless I use the enter+on trick) or freezes. Only a memory lost with clear rambox yes restores it to working condition. Could my Advantage Module be faulty?

Anyway, would love hear your thoughts as, if possible, I'd prefer not to have those modules plugged in but stored in the Cy directly.

Thanks so much for your kind time!




The Advantage module is a 12K bank-switched module. I'm not familiar with the details of the 41CY, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did not support bank-switched modules.


The first problem I understand (copy protection on CCD) but don't know how to circumvent,

I have the same issue when moving the CCD module and MLDL onto a Virtual HP-IL device in EMU41 (registered version). Wonder if there is a work-around? I have a (physical) CCD ROM module, and Ext I/O, along with ZENROM, PPC, and Zengrange Programming ROM. It would be useful to program into my other ZEPROMs using ILBURN and the Zengrange Voltage Converter.



the Advantage Pac should work with your CY,

but you have to use the original module,

since you can't copy the bankswitched portion by normal means,

and it wouldn't even work as copy in a CY,

because the bank switching mechanism in the CY is different

than that used in the Advantage Pac module.

The CCD ROM isn't bankswitched, but consists of

two consecutive 4K blocks, which depend on each other.

It _can_ be copied, but not with the CY RAMBox OS functions,

since these include the usual W&W copy protection.

Even worse, you have to copy the first block of the CCD first,

and the second block to the next higher page directly _after_ that,

else the calc will lock. This is because the second block

uses some of the interrupt dispatchers.

But if you want to use the ADV ROM anyway,

I'd suggest to use my CCD OS/X instead of the full CCD ROM.

The CCD OS/X can be copied to any page of the CY, of course.




thanks a lot Raymond, as usually your insight is very much appreciated!
Your famous OS/X is actually a very good idea, I was just trying to avoid the intricate set-up to get a softcopy only Rom onto my office calc (it was supposed to be a 5min job...) And then I can put one of my other favorite soft-roms there as well, the Sanbox from Angel...




Hi Peter, all,, well, or... you can also have all 6 (Advantage(3p)+Games(1p)+CCD(2p)) pages loaded into your Clonix-41... just kidding, I know you knew... :-))

Best wishes!




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