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After using the 35s for 3+ months I dug the ol' 42S out of the collection box to compare the usage of the two calculators. Holy cow, I forgot what sophisticated simplicity the 42S was. I wish the darn thing wasn't so expensive to replace, I'd make it my everyday calc again. Sure, it's probably comparing apples to oranges, but as far as "pocket RPN scientific's" go, it sure is hard to reach for the 35S. (However, the 42S does nicely in the 35s' case.) ;)


Agreed, except for the alpha input. I do not like the menuing system for alpha characters. However, for overall capability, I like the 42S and think it was a very worthy successor to the 41.

Mind you the 41 had all those modules like Petroleum and Math that gave it extra "oomph". I also like the card reader (accepting that this is 30 year old technology) as a method of mass storage.

I find the 35 a little too big to easily stuff in the shirt pocket, and as I have said in the past, programming seems to be less oriented towards ease of use, and more towards programmers.

Just my .02.

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