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Hello. I am new to this forum but was hoping to get some answers from people who really know. I have a 48sx that has stopped working and I strongly suspect it is the "on" button that doesn't work anymore. It started to work only intermittently before it started not responding at all and now I can't turn the little critter on at all anymore. I have tried to pry the unit open, but it is not easy and I am afraid of damaging something. Can I get it into it somehow and is it possible to fix troublesome keys (if that is what it is)? I love this one, and I hate the 33s that I bought as a temporary replacement which has turned into a permanent replacement. Thanks.


with your right-thumb, press on the bezel just above the [D] Key while pressing the on button. If that solves it, you can fix it temporarily by placing a rubber band on the bezel.. not worth fixing if you can pick up a used one fairly cheaply.

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You'll want to press above the [B] key, not the [D]. If it works, it should be repairable. SX's are the toughest of the lot to open without damage but if it's dead, what's to loose?

Han's HP48 opening instructions on hpcalc.org


Thanks for your replies. I just found Han's repair guide and I am picking it apart right now. It does indeed work if I depress the area above the B button below the LCD. So it should be repairable from what I understand. But whether it is worth it is a different matter. But like you said, since it is dead right now anyway, what's to lose? Maybe I will end up finding a used one, or get a new 35s. Thanks again!


This may be a bit late, but if you are fixing the keys, you may want to also look at:

HP48 Repair Guide (online)

There are more relevant photos there as far as repairs go.

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