HP-19C Article on My Web Site


I've been slowly populating my Historical Computing Devices web site with my slide rules and calculators. Last night, I added the HP-19C, along with an equation solving program I wrote for it (which also appears in the MoHPC library).




Greetings, I've been to visit your site a few times, but haven't read the article, having been distracted by the nearly 30 ads/banners/solicitations/subscriptions.

There are 5 different links for "Privacy information". I haven't even checked to see if they are from 5 different sources, though it looks to be a generic Amazon cookie disclaimer.


I count nine. :-)

It's pretty normal to have ads on sites these days (helps pay for the hosting, and MoHPC is one of the few sites I visit that doesn't have ads). I've had ads for a couple of years now, and you're the first person I've heard from that's unhappy about it (which doesn't mean there aren't others). But if the group in general prefers, I can stop posting announcements here when I put new articles on my site.

The Amazon "Privacy info" thing bugs me. Amazon slaps one of those on the bottom of every ad, which looks kind of dumb.


PS. I generally keep the ads in the margins, not scattered throughout the document like some do.

Edited: 23 Nov 2007, 4:42 p.m.


But if the group in general prefers, I can stop posting announcements here when I put new articles on my site.

The ads are no problem for me - at all! In fact I only really noticed them when I read the posting above and went back to your site to look for them.

Just keep up the good work!


It does not bother me, the stuff is kept in the margin and do not bother me when reading the content.

I put google adds in my
to, not because belive make any ($) on this content, but see how works. May try to do some more traffic tense site later not related to this hobby, and would like to see how web add stuff works.

I am not against advertising as long as do not piss me off. What did hit the floor when opening my newspaper this morning did, whats on Stefan's site did not.

I also put up some amazon adds for the contemporary rpn/rpl to be had, mostly to promote the right way to add. Funny, never had noticed that privacy link! I will promptly remove them!!! Thanks for making me aware of problem (that I should have been ofcourse...)

Edited: 24 Nov 2007, 2:07 a.m. after one or more responses were posted


I am an American and I take offence at your comments about "commies" viz-a-viz your Labor Party. I know nothing about Norwegian politics. Keep your political crap off the Forum.






IMO, no need to apologize. I find your posts informative and hope that you continue.


Sure. I have no problem being told that something I posted offended somebody. In this case when looking at what I wrote I totaly agreed that it might, so I *edited* the post.



Thank you for your civil response.



If ads bother you so much, why aren't you running Firefox with adblock plus installed. Then you wouldn't even see a single ad on the page. . .

Better yet, use Lynx. :-)



Better yet, use Lynx. :-)

Even better yet, use Links.



Sometimes, I wish I hadn't started this thread. :-)




I don't think that anyone in their wildest imagination could have anticipated this. I have watched the whole thing and I cannot figure out how it got where it is.

It may have started out about calculators, but got sidetracked on about the second response. It hasn't had any relation to calculators, or any benefit to anyone since that point.



Forrest, I agree with you. There were no intentions of creating this kind of counter-productive thread. I was observing that the quality of the article was distracted by the abundance of non-related material on the page.

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