fixing a 41cv worth it?


I have a 41cv (full) in pretty bad shape. Is it worth cannibalizing a 41c for parts, specifically an LCD? Or maybe the cv should be a parts machine (could put the cv processor board into the c chassis)?

After a gentle but thorough cleaning...

It is mostly functional, except two things: the right side of the LCD appears damaged partially shading the exponent, perhaps from a hard drop on the top-right corner; and I swapped in a contact assembly with some corrosion affecting ports 2 and 4 that probably goes all the way thru the copper (batt contacts surprisingly good).

In less serious issues, it does auto shutoff in about 11 seconds (perhaps because of the display damage), the upper two screws have no case back under the heads so I'm using some thin washers, back key (CLx/A) feels funny (always works, but persistent stain above key might indicate some black paint or ink spilled inside) and the case is cosmetically challenged (mostly on the top).

I have a working c in much nicer condition (with a few minor cosmetic flaws)...


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