Re: Repairing the hp 82104A Card Reader


Thanks. I got the card moving through. But I ran into other problem. Malfunction message after the card went through. The fork leaf switch near the card-wrap spring does not seem to bend up high enough to contact with the switch printed circuit board. The fork leaf switch was adjusted to be straight but it didn't bend up high enough. And I don't what else can be done to fix this problem. Do you have any idea to fix this problem? I may end up to send it to repair shop.


They must be straight, any bending or fiddling with those springs will bring you nothing but misery.

If you've bent them in an attempt to make it work, you probably have the two small whiskers bent at too sharp an angle which reduces the amount of bow thus preventing contact.

The only other thing might be improper position - with the small end not in the slot of the actuator cam.

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