Keystroke programming worksheet


Eons ago I had blank worksheets that came with my TI59 that facilitated writing down the program on paper, organizing the structure of it, before you started keying it in.

Does anyone have a link to a PDF or a message number on this forum that has such a link for a worksheet for HP calculators?

(I admit to not being able to effectively use the search engine on this site. I either get no hits or a huge number of irrelevant hits)



I have an original block of such forms that came with the HP-65. If nobody else can provide it quicker, I can scan it at the office tomorrow and email it to you (at home I only have an scsi scanner, but no scsi capable computers any more...)

Greetings, Max


I have just sent you a copy of the one I made in MS Word some years ago. I sent you the Word file and a PDF of it.


For LaTeX users, this may be useful (or not ;) ). I created a simple document class to handle program listings. Also provided is a link to a simple do-nothing program. Being an Ubuntu user (on one of our desktops) I am frustrated that eVince does not have an option like Acrobat on Windows to scale PDFs to fit paper size; I get architectural drawings in 24" x 36" format, equipment manuals in A4, etc., etc. So just to learn the 35s I tried to write a small program to help me out when I am sitting at the computer.


Paper Scaling Program




Send me your e-mail address. I have a pdf file of the HP 41 Coding Form. It will print the two sides of an 11x17 sheet that can be folded to 8.5"x11".

Sorry to all of you metric fans but even the paper is in inches and pounds.




I guess it would help if you know the e-mail address:

flee at theriver dot com


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