Printing from HP48/49 to HP laser printer



Recently I have been playing around with my HP48GX, HP49 the HP infrared printer (type A) and a serial OKI printer.
Printing to the infrared printer is no problem. Unfortunately this only works with the HP48 as the 49 has no infrared. I also managed to print from both calculators to the OKI via a serial connection (but only in text mode). Unfortunately the OKI is not Epson compatible so I cannot use the HP48-Epson driver for graphics.

As there is a HP-PCL driver available for the 48, I am interested in printing to a HP Laser Printer (I have an old Laserjet 5 and a Laserjet 1200). Before buying a serial to parallel converter, I would like to ask 2 questions:

- Does any serial to parallel converter work?
- Will the HP49 print to the Laserprinter, at least in text mode (as far as I know there is no dedicated driver available)?
- Can someone report his experiences?

Many thanks for every answer.


I have printed from the 48 to the HP deskjet plus which has a serial port. It works in both text and graphic. I am quite sure that it would work with a laserjet that has a serial port. I am not sure however if a parallel to serial converter would work.
As a trick, I have also using a windows pc and print a document to file. I transfer the file to the 48 and then from the 48 transfer it to the deskjet plus and I have a very high quality document printed from the 48 (well as least that how I make people think)

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