DIY Voyager feet?


Any suggestions on using hardware store available materials
to fashion Voyager series missing rubber feet replacements?
Perhaps thin rubber with some sort of adhesive?
There are available thin rubberized magnetic strips with
one side already adhesive.
Could these negatively affect the electronics?

Thank you.


You can buy black rubber gasket material at most hardware and auto supply stores. Just cut out the replacement foot and attach it with contact cement.



Thank you very much, John!
I will try the auto supply store tomorrow.


Hi Igor,

Randy gave an option for 1/16" 12" x 12" rubber sheet with adhesive - see last message in following link:

Voyager Feet

I just checked the model number and it's still available, slightly higher cost.




this material is only rated to 1000 psi:

Durometer Hardness ±5
Tensile Strength, psi
Stretch Limit %
Density, lbs./cu. ft.

Will it suffice?
And if the tensile strength is sufficient,
what about the stretch limit?

Really, thank you for great info, it's great to know such stuff
is available, it's ideal for the purpose.

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