HP-45 with personalized name on front


I have an HP-45 that has a person's name on the front where the HP-45 product number usually goes (the usual metal label that has the HP logo on the left, then the first and last name on the right, and no product number). On the back just above the tag that says "HEWLETT-PACKARD" 3.75V 500mw ET etc., the space is blank. On the inside where the serial number goes, there is nothing but a round white sticky dot with a first name and last initial.

Someone suggested to me that this might have been a pre-production presentation to the person whose name is on the label.

How can I find out if this is accurate?

Thank you!


I have an HP-45 on which the display suddenly went dark- looking for a schematic. An O-scope shows that the oscillator is still working, so some IC pinouts might be very helpful.... anyone? Sure would like to keep this little guy working!

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