HP 50G - Single line w/ no reset ability


I turned on my calculator today and the screen froze and wouldn't respond to any keypresses. Replaced the batteries and tried holding the reset button and the screen now just has a single vertical line jumping about randomly. I didn't drop it or anything of the sort. Seriously - what the hell? I had it less than a year (so its still under warranty) but I through out the manual and packaging. Anyone have any technical advice or how to get HP to send me a new one?


When you say "replaced the batteries" do you mean pulled out then back in or put fresh ones in. Really low batteries will generally cause a black line to jump across the screen randomly like you describe.


Edited: 1 Nov 2007, 12:04 a.m.


It turns out the batteries I put in as replacements were too low. Using *new* replacement batteries now and it works. My bad.

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