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I have an opportunity to take my collection of HP calculators (and slide rules) out of a drawer and display them in our study in some sort of tasteful display case. The only problem is that I have no idea what would be a good way to display them. The attributes I'd want in a display case would be:

1) Contents clearly visible.

2) Protected from dust.

3) Easy to get one out to show it to someone or use it.

I'm thinking of something that mounts on a wall perhaps, but something on a bookshelf might work too.

How do you all store and/or display your calculator collections?

Note that my collection is not very big, and isn't likely to go much past eight or nine calculators and a dozen or so slide rules.

Thanks, Stefan


Since you mention slide rules, then may I assume your calculator collection includes some older classic models? I would probably choose something traditional-looking, made out of wood with glass front, unless that conflicts with your room decor.

Try Googling "collectible display cabinets and curio cases" or something like that.


Hallo Stefan,

depends on your location. IF - as your name suggests - you live in good old Central Europe, THEN take a look at your nearest IKEA store. They offer an unexpensive little wall mounted shelf called KLANG. I use its Aluminum edition to display my modest collection of a few slide rules and some HP scientific calcs of the Seventies and Eighties.

Why Aluminum? This edition features some elevated lines allowing to set the inclination of the calcs easily - not featured at the wooden edition. Direct access to your collection is guaranteed. If you have (small) kids, mount it high enough. It is an open shelf, so there is no dust protection, however you will use your calcs and rules some times, won't you?

HTH, Walter (not affiliated with said company)


Thanks for the tip. I looked at the KLANG shelf (we have IKEA here in Canada too), and don't really like the looks of it, but it's something to keep in mind.



Hi Stefan,

It took me a little while to find it, but check out the photos of Katie's display cases in following thread:

Display Cases


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Katie's display cases are impressive. I forward a picture to my wife to see what she thinks. :-)

Fortunately, my calculator and slide rule collection isn't all that large.




A glass curio cabinet called a Detolf.


That was nice! But propably to spacy for calc/sliderull collection. I guess not possible to put in more levels. But perhaps...

At work we have started to place old hardware our company has an emotional relation to (now there may be some hp calcs there :-), configurable one of these caould be of interest. Ikea is next door :-)


Hi Stefan

I use a rack called Bertby from IKEA. It's also available from IKEA Germany, according to Ikea Germany.
It's fairly dustproof (after I have added some kind of self adhensive "foamstripes" (as you use to make doors shut tight)). I can add or rearrange the shelfs or even add more shelfs.
Next thing for me is to install IKEA's LED-lights... ;-)

My collection of 40 (40+?) HP-calcs have a nice home there including "big ones" as HP-71B, OmniGo 700 and HP-71B. I may add a picture here later today, when I get home from work...

Best regards!

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:) You'll find almost everything you need at this company - just have to know where to look for it :)

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