JPC Rom Legacy for the HP-71B


Hello HP71 fans,

Finally, here is the JPC Rom Legacy version, aka version F. We will find it on my JPC Rom page.

This version is special in the sense that it was built about 18 years after the last official JPC Rom from
PPC Paris (version E, 1989). Version F mainly merges the fixes and improvements of both version X (from Rodger Rosenbaum) and version E, but it doesn’t include the editor and the graphic module of version E in order to fit into a 32kb module. Version F also adds a few changes or fixes.

It is based on the source files I collected during the past years to rebuild the original versions X and E. This is the opportunity for me to thank Gene Wright and Andy Delano who made the version X public on the Web, Rodger Rosenbaum who provided me his version X "source" file, and finally Claude Marcoin who provided me the version E binary and suggested a few fixes for version F.

Kind regards.



Way to go, J-F!

Quelle pièce de résistance!


Congratulations Jean-François, again and again !!!

Best Regards from Antoine

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