35s indirect addressing


First, Thank You to all the patient folks that help others on this site.

In the manual (at 14-20 et seq)it talks about indirectly addressing variables & LABELS. I would like to GTO (J)(ie: branch execution to a line number contained in register J). Is this possible?




To elaborate a bit on this: the German manual of the 35s also says you could do indirect addressing of variables AND labels - but only in the chapter's headline and a corresponding table. The functions that actually can use (I) don't list GTO or XEQ anymore. This was however possible with the 33s - the now wrong parts of that manual must have been copied by HP. What a shame!


No, it is a typo in the manual.


No, it is a typo in the manual.

Gene, do you mean that it's a typo in the 35s' manual? That is what I meant.

Or do you mean that it was a typo in the 33s' manual and doesn't even work on that machine?


Typo in the 35s manual.


It's odd that they dropped this feature from the 35s. It could have been really useful, especially if they'd extended it so that the value in I (or J) could be M.NNN, where M is 1..26 (or -1..-26) and NNN is 000 to 999.



So you are suggesting a syntax like this:


So that teh value of register I points to the label and the value of J points to teh step number.

I guess it is doable.

One can have a hybrid syntax such that:


To jum tp line number (I) in label B. And also:


To jump tp label I, line (I).


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No, I'm just suggesting that GTO (I) works, like it does on the 33s.

But as an extension (since the 35s has line number addressing), the value in I can have a fractional part, and that fractional part will refer to the line number.


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Thank you all.

What a shame, it could have been a very powerful feature.

BTW, I'm a land surveyor. What do you guys do with these?

Bill :-)




Thank you all.

What a shame, it could have been a very powerful feature.

BTW, I'm a land surveyor. What do you guys do with these?

Bill :-)

I originally bought it to write larger programs than was possible on my 32SII (to facilitate more sub-routines), but haven't gotten around to that yet. However I've really enjoyed using the built-in equation solver, using it for some astronomy formulas.

I'm really glad it has the same RPN programming language as my 32SII. I considered getting the 50g, but it was more expensive, bigger, and I'd have to learn RPL programming. The 35s is perfect for my needs.

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