Button batteries


I don't know how it is in the US market, but here batteries are quite expensive.

I have the opportunity of purchasing Swiss button batteries that fit the voyager and further models such as 2XS series, 32S, 42S, ...

They should come up to something like 0.96 dollars per unit (to be confirmed). This is, compared to Belgian prices, 25% of the normal retail price (that includes a lot of recycling and various other taxes)

Of course this is interesting only if a certain quantity of these are purchased, so if you're interested, I could arrange a massive shipping.


Prices for button cells here in the U.S. are
quite varied. About 10 years ago I bought a
few "10 packs" of Vinnic (brand) button cells
for $2.99. But the "usual" price I pay for
a button cell is around twice the $0.96 you
quoted in your letter.
Our local grocery store sells button cells for
less than the local battery store, though the
battery store has a MUCH larger selection.
Some of the electronic part catalogs will sell
button cells for as little at $0.44, but they
often require a $20 minimum order.

P.S. say "Hi" to my "ancestors" in Belgium! B^)


You can find amazingly low prices on ebay for button cells. But if you don't want to wait for those deals, write to Eddietee20@aol.com he's got Vinnic S1154S silver oxide cells for about $.75US. I've been using these in HP calculators for a while and they're very good.


Another source is:


They have Eveready 357 Silver-Oxide batteries for $0.75/ea. for 10 or more pieces, and $0.55/ea. for 100 or more pieces. I have used this company before---they seem great. They offer GREAT deals on some batteries, and only average on others.



Thanks for the info !

I'll definitely say Hi to your ancestors. Where were they from ?


It's all very well looking for the cheapest batteries but make sure you're comparing like with like. Heaven knows what the difference between a "photo" and "electronic" silver oxide cell is (as sold by Varta). The alkaline ones, LR44's (as supplied by HP), seem to die suddenly and unpredictably, endangering all those brilliant, manually entered programs (for us 42s users). The "memory clear" message is not a happy sight. The cost of batteries is infinitesimal compared to what they enable us to do with our beloved handheld products. I think it's worthwhile buying good quality, fresh batteries and maybe changing them before the low-battery warning is displayed. A voltmeter can help reduce anxiety for truly thrifty calc. users! Richard

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