A quick, simple and possibly dumb question on the 50g



I'm in the middle of writing a term paper and trying to get it in under the wire or else I would scan the manual for the answer.

My 50g rounds off base conversions AND, when I switch to engineering notation it does some extreme rounding off.

What config do I need to change and how?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies,



Hi Ken,

I'm not sure about your 2nd question but I do know that all HPs that I have used perform base conversions on integers only, which can give you a major rounding off, if you input a decimal number with fractional parts . Hope this helps,



As for the engineering rounding issue, press Modes, then check the Number Format details. You'll probably see something like Eng 8, with the number representing the number of decimal places. Change that number as necessary. (Note that I'm referring to my 48GX at the moment, so the 50g might look a little different in regards to menus).


Got it!

Thanks a million,



One more question.

When I try to convert anything over FFFF hex to decimal I get a wrong result. ???



When I try to convert anything over FFFF hex to decimal I get a wrong result. ???

Wrong how? Example? How are you doing the conversion?


1. RS BASE and set to decimal

2. LS #FFFFh (using ALPHA properly)


4. Result is #65535d. Yeah!

5. Key in #FFFFFh

6. Enter

7. Result is #65535d. Huh?



Try checking your word size: RCWS

If it's only 16, then there's your answer. To change the word size (bit length) for base operations, use STWS, e.g. 32 STWS. You can do anywhere from 1 to 64 bits, I believe.



You da man!

Thanks Much,


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