How to control the recieve bit in the HP48 as an input bit...


Hi, HP48 users!

Several months ago I built a data logger for HP48.

Since there is no availability of A/D converter to RS232
I had to build a "UART" (a parallel to serial converter),
and to use a parallel A/D.

Today some of my friends (a TI89 user) showed me a very
simple project (more so then mine) that does the same thing.

The site address is

I wonder how to control the recieve bit in the HP48 as an input bit
without using the RS232 protocol, (the transmit bit controlled by
the "OPENIO" and "CLOSEIO" comands.

I would be very thankful if you could help me and I hope its
not too difficult of a task for you.

Best regards,



I`m not sure you'll have access to the receive bit (do you mean Start bit, from Start/Stop?), but there are two commands that allow you to send and receive data without using Kermit: XMIT and SRECV. Both (counterparts) receive/send data through serial port. See AUG, 3-318 (SRECV) and 3-381 (XMIT).

Hope it helps.


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