Deutsches Museum Visit


I took an el-cheapo digital camera to the Deutsches Museum with me last week. You can see the results at

(that's supposed to be all in one line, if it's not)

or start at

There's a couple of HP calcs there, and a LOT of other interesting stuff. Well worth the visit if you're in town.

Have a nice day,

Dan M.


Hey, where is this museum ? in germany ?


AFAIK it's in Munich, Germany.



It's located in Munich, Germany.

On the river between the "Isator" and the "Rosenheimer Platz" stops on the S-Bahn.



I visited this museum in September. Absolutely incredible! I have seen both the Smithsonian and the London Science Museum. They have to stand back in awe...
I spent about 8 hours over 3 days and saw only about 70%, mostly just walking through, stopping only at my special interests in this maze of exhibition halls.
Worth a special trip. This is entirely devoted to science and technology. From Abacus to Cray, dozens of airplanes and cars, steam engines, machines, astronomy, clocks and what not? Everything you can think of.
BTW if you happen to visit Germany, there is another museum very much worth while seeing: the "Arithmeum" in Bonn. A brand new modern building devoted to the history of calculating. Over four floors they have a vast collection of everything historic and modern. Much of it with 'hands-on' models.


Bonn is lesst than 200 miles (300 km) from here I live. I'lml certainly plan a trip to there and will leave my impressions soon...

Tschuss !

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