O.T. Indirct addressing onn the Sharp PC-1201?:


A correspondent wrote:

It is very difficult to find detailed information about the programming of the PC-1201 and I cannot find it at ebay. Is it really possible to use indirect addressing on this calculator?

He also noted that Viktor Toth's site indicates that indirect adressing is available on the PC-1201. I have a PC-1201 but no manual. I have been able to use trial and error to figure out how to write simple programs using branching with comparison tests but haven't been able to do indirect addressing. Can anyone help?


Hi, Palmer:

    I neither own nor know in depth this model, but it seems to me that it's unlikely to have indirect addressing for the following reasons:

    • First, I've been unable to find any reference to indirect capabilities in this machine despite lots of searching.

    • Second, a glance at its keyboard doesn't seem to reveal any legend on the keys that could correspond to an index register, indirect addressing, etc.

    • Third, with just 128 steps of program memory and only 12 memory registers, all of them likely to be directly addressable being that few, I don't see any real use for indirect addressing in this machine.

    In any case, if I were your correspondent, I would kindly ask Mr. Toth himself, as he seems to own one and be very knowledgeable about it.

    There's also a firm on the web which claims to provide nearly every manual under the sun, in PDF format, for a fee, and this model appears in their list of available ones. Google for "manuals in PDF" if willing to give it a try.

Best regards from V.


Hello Valentin,

Yes, I think it's easier to ask Victor Toth himself. I have asked Palmer because
I saw that he had tested the accuracy of the PC-1201 some times ago. I have looked
for the manual before but I guess the manual is not available for downloading.

The competitor from CASIO the FX-202P has indirect addressing with 127 steps and 11 registers,
that makes it difficult to use it for a practical job also.


The Sharp PC 1201 belongs to a class for handheld (aka pocket) computers that use the old line-numbered BASIC. You create arrays using the DIM statements and then you access the array elements using other variables whose values represent indices for the array ... that's how indirect addressing works in BASIC pocket computers.



This is the SHARP PC-1201 (keystroke programmability), not the SHARP PC-1211 (BASIC language programming).

Best regards from V.


I wrote to Viktor and received the following response:

I think the information in my database is wrong. I just checked the PC-1201 manual, and I see no signs of indirect addressing; it has twelve registers(0-9, S, and t) but only the t-register has any special functions, in conditional jumps.

Thanks to all who responded so promptly. That is one of the really impressive characteristics of this forum.

Edited: 17 Oct 2007, 3:38 a.m.


Hello Palmer,

I wrote to Victor too, but getting the answer from him, I saw that you was a bit faster than me.

Thanks for clarification.


You are right! I stand corrected!


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