REGX, REGY, REGZ... and a bit more. (HP35S)


Hi, all;

I was trying some other things in the HP35S and I realized that REGX, REGY, etc. can be entered step by step ([RCL] R, [RCL] E, etc.) and work the same. IN fact, they are editable as any other valid equation sequence.

Well, this points to the fact that REGX, REGY and so are not actually functions, and that the HP35S SOLVE/EQN can be customized.

What other 'codes' might be valid?

And what is the chance that some of these 'internal codes' (if existing, no urban legend...) are found in a program and cause some unexpected behavior, like... an endless loop? If REGX, REGY and so are simply a sequence of characters that make sense, which others may exist that should be used in particular cases? I mean unsuspected sequences, like C,T, for example (found in John´s program), that would cause no harm when executed step-by-step ('running program' flag cleared) but would lock the calculator when in running mode?

Maybe there´s more to be inspected here... and HP might be of help if pointing some 'harm codes' out, if any.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 16 Oct 2007, 12:08 a.m.

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