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I have a HP-IL Cassete Drive and want to save Programs onto that drive. Nowhere in the Manuals does it discuss this. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Jeff



See ftp://ftp.math.jyu.fi/pub/hpil for starters. There are two manuals worth seeing, and a large 71 section. I have noticed Books.com calc page shows "Control The World With HP-IL" by Gary Friedman and "HPIL System" by Gerry Kane as -special orders- as opposed to -out of print-. Good luck.


You can do almost every file operation you do on files inside the machine. You need to add the correct file specifier though.

Example: saving a program to the cassette drive.

COPY MYPROG TO :TAPE(2) (copies to the second tape device

Other examples:


CAT :2 (cats the second unit on the loop)

device specifiers (arguments after the colon)

Address: Number, denutes the first, second, ...device on the loop

Assign code: uses assign codes, specified with ASSIGN IO

Device word: such as :TAPE , :MASSMEM, :TAPE(2) (2 = sequence number, the second tape on the loop)

Device ID: :HP82161A for the tape drive

Accessory ID: %16

Volume Label: use notation file.vol where file is the filename and vol is the volume label you assigned by initializing(formatting) the tape.


copies this file from the media with label MYVOL into the 71

I don't know for now, if all mass media on the loop are searched searched for MYVOL, but I think so.

other example: CAT .MYVOL catalog on this media.

To format enter INITIALIZE :TAPE If you get error messages (too less space on drive) and you purged files from the tape before, you must pack the tape. Hey, this is not the NTFS system, not even FAT :-)


This takes considerably long and puts some wear on the tape, so don't do this every day.

If other questions arise, don't hesitate to ask.

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