PDA program for HP50G?


Does anyone know of a PDA/organizer program written for the HP50G? My main goal is scheduling meetings/appointments and contact information such as names, phone numbers, etc.

I don't want to buy (if I can help it) a Palm PDA or one integrated into my phone when I already carry around a sizable chunk of technology in the form of the 50G.

Although I also own some 48GX's, but I would really rather have it on the 50G since I like the screen better than the 48's.

Thanks in advance for all comments.


Have a look at www.hpcalc.org
They have various PIMs and such.

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Try Organizer 1.1 by J. Levy and Alain Robillard.
It runs perfectly on a 50G and is the best PDA
program for the 48/49/50 series IMHO.
For a phone book, try Scribe 1.01, by the same authors.
It works in conjunction with Org.


Organizer 1.1 program for 48/49/50 series

Scribe 1.01 program for the 48/49/50 series


Thanks to both of you for the information. I had looked at hpcalc.org, but did not realize that prgrams written for the other calcs would work with the 50G. Is this typical of 48/49 programs?

I will load them up and take them for a spin later today.

Thanks again.


Most 48 and 49 programs will work without any problem on the 50g.


Most RPL programs written for the 48 will work on the 49/50. Some SYSRPL programs written for the 48 will work on the 49, and even less on the 50. Depends on what system calls they were using, etc. If it's pure RPL, you shouldn't have any problems.



Thanks to both of you for the information. I had looked at hpcalc.org, but did not realize that prgrams written for the other calcs would work with the 50G. Is this typical of 48/49 programs?

First, some definitions. By "48 series", I mean the 48SX, 48S,
48GX, 48G, and 48G+. By "49 series", I mean the 49G, 49g+, 48gII,
and 50g.

For the 49G, the "ROM" revision should be at least 1.19-6, but
preferably 2.09 or 2.10-7. Of course the 49g+ and 50g should use
2.09 or 2.10-7. With the 48gII, the ROM really is Read-Only
Memory, so you're stuck with whatever the unit was manufactured

For pure UserRPL programs, a Kermit "ASCII" (source code) transfer
from a 48 series to a 49 series will usually work, although a few
48 series commands may behave differently in the 49 series. Note
that for any SYSEVAL or LIBEVAL command, the entry point will
probably have to be changed.

In general, binary transfers between the 48 and 49 series won't
work. However, for a pure UserRPL 48 series program, you can use a
binary transfer to a 48 series calculator or a 48 series emulator,
and then a Kermit ASCII transfer from there.

To use a 48 series SysRPL program in a 49 series, if you have the
source code, then it should be possible to port it to the 49

Any 49 series UserRPL program will work in any 49 series

For 49 series SysRPL programs, if only supported entry points are
used, then they'll work in any 49 series calculator. If
unsupported entry points are used, they may crash with any other
ROM revision.

Anything for the ARM-based models (49g+, 48gII, and 50g) that uses
the underlying ARM processor or uses the added "Saturnator"
assembly language instructions, instead of sticking to RPL or
legacy hardware Saturn instructions, won't work in the 49G or the
Emu48-based emulators.


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