HP 50G Enviromental case


Anybody have one of these http://www.loink.com/product/1030/18 ? Reviews, close-up shot? Thanks


I can't really give an opinion on that as I have not held one. Initial impressions however are that it looks like it would be very uncomfortable to hold and not especially sturdy. If you read on the site of the creator, he excitedly tells how it survives a 3 foot fall.

If you are really looking for an industrial strength case with extra features, I can get you one for $350. http://pssllc.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=1

That case is completely waterproof, has a polycarbonate lens covering the screen that survived a .22 cal hollowpoint rifle shot at 100 yards, has been run over by heavy machinery, gives the capability to use 4 AA batteries, has a hand strap on the back, easy access to change batteries and get the SD card, and has a build in serial connector. I've tossed mine out a 4th story window onto concrete with no ill effects.



TW, you forgot to mention your case comes in Ferrari Scuderia Racing Yellow. Much nicer than plane old black.

Cheers, Pal

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