HP-97 Conector on front


I have a HP-97 with 20 pin conector on bottom side next to power supply conector. I have a no idea whot is the purpose of this connector. My other HP-97 looks diferrent. Please help me solve this mistery.


Is this an HP-97 or HP-97S? The 97S had an external BCD interface module that was connected by a cable that entered the calculator next to the power supply connector. The interface module had a 50-pin connector on it, but I believe the cable was connected (internally) with a 20-conductor connector. Later versions of the 97 used the same board as the 97S and had the solder pad for the cable inside. Perhaps there was a version of the 97S made with a detachable cable (though I've never heard of one), or perhaps you have a 97 that was retrofitted with a connector to attach to a 97S interface module. Does it look like the connector was facory installed, or a homebrew job?


Thank you for help. This HP-97 looks like new and connector is "factory job". But the number on front is only HP 97. I was made in Brazil and number is 2208B09931


That serial number indicates it was made in 1982, which was the last year the HP-97 was manufactured. It should have the new 97S-type board inside it; perhaps the connector was provided for attaching an optional BCD module to turn it into a 97S. As I said before, I've never seen any reference to such a beast, but it may have been an experimental model or a limited production run (like the HP-41 "blanknut" models). Maybe someone else here will know more about it, but frankly, it's got me stumped.


Thank you.

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