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I have a problem with the case that came with an HP71B I recently bought. According to the s/n of the calculator it was made in 1988 and appears to have been stored unused for most of that time. The interior black lining of the case has a "sticky" substance which also deposited on the calculator. It easily wiped off the calculator using isopropyl alcohol. Does anyone have experience with this, or know if the interior of the case is deteriorating and what can do about it?


Some have said that a gentle cycle in the laundry would help (otherwise wash with warm soap and water) I have seen a hand full of cases with the same condition, both for the 71B and the 41C, but I have not tried the recommended cleaning method. Please let me know if it works.


It works. I tried on some 41C and 71B cases and it did magic. Just don't use hot water or they will become a little "dull".



Thanks to both for your responses. The soft case was washed with outstanding results and has survived with no damage at all, after thorough air drying it looks nearly normal. The only difference I notice is the naugahide(sp) appears "dried" out; I'll try Armoral. My concern now is that this condition not return and contaminate the calculator. Thanks.

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