A serious bug on HP 35s


First, type in this short program:

A001 LBL A
A002 10
A003 STO I
A004 1
A005 STO(I)
A006 0.01
A007 STO I
A008 VIEW(I)
A009 ISG I
A010 GTO A008
A011 RTN

If you press XEQ A ENTER, you will see the content of the 10 registers create with a zero value. At each stop, you have to press the R/S key...BUT if you want to automate this, enter a PSE instruction after the VIEW(I) like this...

A008 VIEW(I)
A009 PSE

and now if you press XEQ A ENTER you will see...


So it like the count of the register have change!

You view (27) but in fact this is (0)...

So what's up Doc?


Yes, this was reported here and on comp.sys.hp48 over a month ago.

Seems to be a bug to update the value shown for (I) during a VIEW (I) PSE sequence in a program.


Yes, this was reported here and on comp.sys.hp48 over a month ago.

Is there a published list of HP35S bugs, so that we can avoid them if possible?

Many thanks.


The list of bugs compiled by Paul Drake has a permanent home here:



Dale not Drake please :-)

- Pauli


Oops! Sorry about that, Paul!

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