Numerical Recipes 3rd Edition is Here!!!


UPS finally dropped off the latest edition of Numerical Recipes, which I consider the Bible for numerical analysis. While the C++ code is in a more object-oriented form than the second edition, it offers a very good insight on how algorithms tick! One can translate the C++ into BASIC, RPN, RPL, and so on with various degrees of ease or difficulty.

It would be nice to have a MatLab version of the Numerical Recipes.



are there any more algorithms? or is it the same + fixes ?


The 3rd edition has added more material and made the C++ code more object-oriented than the 2nd edition.


Yes, the NR Recipes book has been a useful resource, but as I recall, some algorithms in the early editions had some issues. I have most all editions from the original FORTRAN, Pascal, C and BASIC.

I too have wondered if there was a demand for a matlab/octave, Excel or RPN/RPL versions of these algorithms. Certainly with the large program and data memory space of the 35s, it is a potential target for some of these algorithms.



For those of you who don't really know what these books are about, you can take a look at older versions on their web site. I think they require you to download a plugin for acrobat, but free is free.


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