Black-dot, 49's style LCD for the 48G+/GX



This subject isn´t new at all. If you want to read a previous post about this, take a look here first.

Well, I got the chance to see a fresh, new 48G+ with the 49's style. And it's a lot good reading. It is easier to read even in less light than the necessary to read the blue-dots LCD normally available at previous 48's. Of course, there are minimum light requests that won´t harm the eyes by force reading, but that's another story.

As most of us are all afraid not having HP RPN/RPL calcs available in a (short?Long?) time, this another reason I'll add on mine for buying a new one...



Is the background still the light green? I have never seen the HP49 screen so I can’t compare. The screen on my TI83 is much easier to read than my HP48G+ because it is nearly black on white.

By the way, after a painful semester, I have made the transition from a TI83+ to a HP48G+! The HP48G+ has so much more to offer, I just have to be patient because it is slow and when the professor turn off the lights for the overheads, I really have to strain to use my calculator.



The black-dots display is actually black-on-white (at least black-on-light,light-gray). Not light-green in the background. The dots are sharp ended, a lot easy to read. In fact, better than the 49's, cause the 49 has a protective, transparent (otherwise disturbing) plastic shield, not present in the 48 series.

I don't know the TI83+, but I am available if you have any (at least, some) doubts in using the HP48G. I don't know much, but maybe I can help, if you need. As many in here.

If help is needed, post messages.



Is there any way to execute a stored equation without pressing Right shift, Solve, Solve equation, Choose?

Thanks Bill



when you mean execute an equation, I understand you want to evaluate it for some values of any of the variables involved; am I right?

If so, the direct way is the one you mentioned:

-Rihgt-shift Solve, opening the SOLVE application form
-Solve Equation, showing the equation menu
-Choose, to select the highlighted equation.

From there on, the variables in the selected equation will be at the menu labels (softkeys). Anyway, when Solve Equation is pressed, ONLY algebraic (and programs) at the working directory will be shown. If you have other algebraic stored in other directories, they will not be visible at this point.

There is another way, available in the 48S/SX family, that still exists in the G series. In the VAR menu, you should see the name of the variable where your equation is stored. Press Right-shift and the softkey with this name(a shortcut for varname RCL). A copy of the equation will be placed in level 1. Store this copy in a variable named EQ (if existing, should be overwriten). Now, Left-shift SOLVE, ROOT, SOLVR. A different display will lead ou through another exploring environment. Have a look at page 18-7 in the HP48G User's Guide. There are some interesting manouvers explained there about the SOLVR, as an alternative solving environment.

If you want direct evaluation of one side given the other side's variables values, EVAL is faster.

Hope this is about what you are looking for.



I vote for a return to power-sucking, self-illuminating LEDs!!!

On the other hand, perhaps you should pack a small flashlight to class.



Evolution, evolution...

The first systems used bulb lamps, then the Nixie tubs with viewable numbers, then the CRT`s, then LED's as 7-segment displays, and now the LCD`s. Wow! I love that! History!

Without any part, no chain. I believe Nixie tubes started that all. Seven segment displays should evolve to dot-matrix (I have seen some amazing 6x5 subminiature LED displays...). But I like reading displays at sunlight, and LED`s need some hand shadow for so...

("...pack a small flashlight to class..."! Why not?)

Good reading from you, Fred! Regards.



When I was in college, I had an HP-55 (that dates me, I know). As a civil engineering major, I had to take two semesters of field surveying during my freshman year. I spent a lot of time using my calculator in the bright sun. As you mentioned, LEDs and bright sun don't mix. Many of my classmates fashioned paper or cardboard sun screens that they taped on their machines, but I thought that was a lousy solution.

Ever year back then, an HP representative would spend a couple of days in the college book store demonstrating calculators. When I mentioned the problem with using LED calculators in the sun, she showed me a plastic, snap-on sun shade that someone was manufacturing for the HP-55 and its brothers (sisters?...what gender is a calculator anyway?...I turn mine over, and still can't tell!). She had a couple for sale so I bought one and it worked great. Talk about great HP service back then.

I still have the sun shade, and the HP-55, which works, but needs the switches cleaned.



Hello, Fred.

Sharing knowledge is easy. Sharing memories takes more time and confidence. Thank you (I hope I speak for anyone in here) for sharing these precious memories. No one but you could share these ones. I have (and will try to keep) an HP55 in hads for repair. Just bad contacts. It is working fine by now. Realy a piece.

If it helps, in Portuguese we don't an equivalent to `it`, so any stuff that is not a human must have a gender. For us, the computer is a `he`, the bike is a `she`, the automobile is a `he` (don`t ask me how they where elected so; turning stuffs upside down wont help, as you have done with your calc). Calculators? For us, they are ladies: `-Where is your calculator? -She is here! Wanna borrow her?` That`s the like to happen in Portuguese.

When I was about to graduate in Electrical Eng., I had the idea of using an HP calc. to present my last project. At that time, the HP42S was a brand new machine and I decided to create a SW for Load Flow that would run on an HP42S. I was the first student in the University to show the final project in the class room, running in a calculator. Till then, all others used computers running Fortran. Since then, some others are doing like me.

Nice reading, Fred. Thanks.




how does the keyboard feel?
Does it have the same light 'knack' as on the older HP-48's?

Are the legends as clear and easy to read as on the older models of the HP-48 G models where they were molded?




It seems to me everything is fine (I was elected to drive-test the calculator, so I had to do that, too). Except for the LCD's detail, nothing has changed. Transport case, external color, keyboard feel (and `knack`), legends color and readability... The same old fella with a better pair of sunglasses. I'm almost not waiting till the end of the week for having mine.




thanks for the info.
Seems I have another item on my wish list for Christmas;-)





I took the fresh 48G+ again today and asked for the Version: still in R.

As everything indicates, it's gonna be the last one, alright.

Can anyone tell me anything about ROM versions for the 49? Is there any other team leading this project now? I am not sure about previous facts (I lost many things), but falks at ACO were the only ones developing ROM for the 49?

Thanks for any info.


So far I believe the supported version is v1.18x something and the latest beta is 1.19-6 with JYA trying to release 1.19-7 very shortly. From what I see and hear, I suggest 1.19-5 as being very stable (its what I use anyway). I suspect Hp will never support anything other than v1.18-x simply because that is their last manual printing and Hp has become cheap in their support of the Calc division. I was considering upgrading my Flash Rom to the new 1.19-7 and Hp used to make available both the supported ROM and the latest beta, but I have not found either on their web pages at the normal location.

A: either they have relocated it.

B: they have decided not to bother and to hell with the end user (which given Hp's recent actions, is just as likely).

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